Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship
6642 Reseda Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335

Phone: +1 818 776.9696
Fax: +1 818 776.8903
Email: bookstore@valleyvineyard.org

The website devoted to Dr. Willard's legacy is dwillard.org

About Us & Our Spiritual Audio in Los Angeles

The Valley Vineyard Church in Reseda is the second oldest Vineyard church; founded by Pastor Bill Dwyer and Kenn Gulliksen. Dr. Dallas Willard and his wife, Jane, have attended the church for many years and were close friends with Pastor Bill, Pastor Lynn and others.


Our Priorities

Our highest priority is Jesus Christ
We are seeking to be authentic followers

We believe He has offered us a better life and
we are seeking to live it for His cause

We believe we are all learners. We are all in a “process” and should be learning from one another, from the Bible and directly from the life of Jesus.

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